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Music. Getting tattoos. eBay. Chocolate Popcorn. Free books in the mail. Snow. Tokyo. Princess Princess. October. CD's. Getting pictures back from the photo developers. deadman, the guys from deadman, and all their side projects. Winter sunshine. Singing in the shower. Berlin. Photography. Cats. Beer. The smell of autumn. Cooking. Watching movies I've practically memorized. Slippers. Meryl Streep. Death note.
Popcorn between my teeth. People who idolize stupid people. Coca Cola Zero. Drawings of popular cartoon characters having sex. Cosplay. Gravestones with photos on. Talking to relatives on the phone. People who live next door to serial killers because they never see it coming. People who make music from rubbish. Toothache. New jeans that are suppose to look worn-out. Taxi driver small talk. Bad comedy. Suicide bombers. Russia. MySpace.
emmurée. Gojira. Children of Bodom. Fatima. 椿屋四重奏. deadman. lynch. 9GOATS BLACK OUT. 倖田來未. Superfly. Moran. 中村中. カリメロ. 人格ラヂオ. LUNA SEA. 林俊傑. 蜂-Biene-. 白黒キネマ. メガマソ. F.T Island. SHOWTA.. Sugar. AURORA. NEWS. MONAURAL CURVE. Deathgaze. A Perfect Circle. The Cure. The Sisters of Mercy. ハッチ. アネモネ. THE NOVEMBERS. ONE OK ROCK. Shilfee And Tulipcorobockles. CASCADE. heidi.. GULLET. the studs. KAT-TUN. 이루. Nick Cave. DISH. 치열

2004 - The Mars Volta. Slipknot. The Cumshots. Rotting Christ. Gorgoroth. My Dying Bride. Disiplin. Mayhem. Slayer. Mastadon.
2005 - Slipknot. Stonegard. Marilyn Manson. System of a Down. nine nch nails. The Hives. Slayer. Flogging Molly. Mastadon. Vive la Fête.
2006 - Dir en grey. D'espairsRay. メリー. 蜉蝣
2007 - ムック. Gothika. Trivium. Annihilator. Sanctity. the studs. Porqupine Tree. Pure Reason Revolution. Satyricon. Fair to Midland. Killswitch Engage. The Bled.
2008 - The Cure. 65daysofstatic. lynch.. SuG. heidi.. ビリー. ガイズファミリー. ν(NEU). メガマソ. 姫苺. 蜂-Biene-. EREMIA. STELLA.... 白黒キネマ. SxDxR. 己龍. オードブル. Moran. 176BIZ. VelBet. LiZ. emmurée. L'eprica. DISH. ムニムニ. Shilfee And Tulipcorobockles. TAFUCA MADARA. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区. SCREW. ギルガメッシュ. Bergerac. Wizard. D=OUT.【_Vani;lla】. ジュリィー. モダン組曲. THE KIDDIE. Mix Speaker's, Inc. the studs. Jealkb. Slipknot. Apocalyptica. Bullet for My Valentine. Avenged Sevenfold. Sonata Arctica. DragonForce. Mötley Crüe. Machine Head. Carcass. Duff McKagan's Loaded. RENTRER EN SOI. DEATHGAZE. ネガ. Schmelz Cure. Sugar. born. boogieman. School food punishment. G-Ampere. birds melt sky. pigmy with bitter ends. Plastic Tree. ドレミ團. Sel'm. D. Sex Machineguns. D'espairsRay. PENICILLIN. Dummy's Corporation. 9GOATS BLACK OUT.
2009 - Children of Bodom. The Killers. Placebo. The Prodigy. Marilyn Manson. KoЯn. Limp Bizkit. Papa Roach. Slipknot. Basement Jaxx. Billy Talent. Flogging Molly. ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Machine Head. Alexisonfire. All That Remains. Enter Shikari. Pain. Dir en grey. Bring Me the Horizon. A Day to Remember. Hollywood Undead. Volbeat. The Soundtrack of Our Lives. Gallows. Black Stone Cherry. The Blackout.

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